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managing the communication function


Create a new framework for managing communication and learning in your organization. Continuing where the IABC classic "Organize to Win" left off, this manual is an intensive guide for developing or reorganizing your communication department and managing the day-to-day communication function within your organization.




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learning unplugged


Wireless technologies are changing the nature of organizational training, performance management, and collaboration. From smart cell phones and PDAs to webpads and wearable devices, one-time curiosities are now indispensable business tools. Featuring case studies and interviews, Learning Unplugged shows how to implement these technologies, and shows how applications can be adapted for use in different environments and situations. This comprehensive yet plain-English guide explains the function and application of a wide range of mobile devices for training, communications, and performance management.



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managing learning and communication systems as business assets


This contemporary and readable book—filled with research-based advice, case studies, and efficient tools—demonstrates how organizations measure, manage, and maximize their “intangible assets” of communication and knowledge. Its unique perspective on performance technology shows employees not only how human behavior in the workplace can be engineered to achieve corporate success, but how to communicate those methods and processes used, and the value they add, to employers and clients



2009 presentations:

·         Training '09 February 10  Atlanta "Feed the Need for Speed: Mobile and Collaborative Technologies for Rapid  Training"

·         ISPI annual conference Orlando April 18-22  “White Space Rafting: Understanding and Improving Collaboration Within and Between Organizations” with Bill Piersol

·         M. Lee Smith audio conference    April 2  "Leading Virtual Teams"

·         IABC Employee Communication Conference  Washington, DC  April 30-May 1  “What Makes Nexters Tick?”

·         Training Leadership Summit  San Diego May 6    "Instructional Design 2.0: Inventing a new playbook for training design and delivery"

·         Tompkins County Diversity Council  Ithaca May 7  “Generational Differences”

·         IABC annual conference San Francisco  June 5-9  "What Makes Nexters Tick?" with Shailey Motial

·         M. Lee Smith Annual Advanced Employment Issues Conference  Nashville  September 18  "Talent Management for Gen Y: How to Recruit, Lead and Communicate With Millennials"

·         ISPI Fall Conference St. Louis Sept 25-27 “Leading High-Performance Virtual Teams”